Mining Services
Mining Services
Products are designed to outperform the competitor's on reliability and cost-effective pricing. Fewer costly downtimes, both long and short term savings, and an option for free stocking are some of the benefits Nkwe Mining Services has to offer their customers.

Products available include:

Our custom assembled and tested high performance pumps are always available. Current inventories include 1.5x1 up to and including 12x10; site specific pumps up to 20x18, as well as gravel and sump pumps will arrive on-site in half the time of industry standard.

Pumps - Doing The Work For You

Each pump is carefully assembled and tolerances checked prior to testing; allowing for immediate installation. Your pumps are custom designed to meet your requirements. Options include, but are not limited to 28% high chrome parts, natural reinforced rubber liners, and heavy duty urethane liners. Depending on your current application, Nkwe Mining Services can supply all motor mounts, guards, and motors to ensure that you are pumping at the best efficiency point. Current testing shows our High Performance pumps operating between 11-15% more efficient than the competition.

Impellers, volute liners, throat bushings and frame plate liner inserts in a range of materials including .PRP.CrWI28 material (28-34% high chrome); equivalent R55 and R38 natural rubbers for liners and impellers; and wear resistant polyurethanes designed for fine, medium, and coarse solids.
Stainless steel products including shafts, shaft sleeves, lantern rings and restrictors, neck rings, gland seals, and gland bolts in a range of materials equivalent but not limited to C21, C23, C26, C30, C44 and C55.

Seal arrangements, stuffing boxes and expellers in stainless steel, iron or .CrWI28 high chrome white iron (our minimum is 28% HCWI).
Bearing assemblies with Western bearings, stainless steel end covers, and shipped in custom crates to prevent against environmental and shipping hazards.

All discharge joint rings, intake joint rings, o-rings and seals in material including EPDM rubber, commercial Nitrile, Butyl, Hypalon, Neoprene and Viton.
Cover plates and frame plates with accompanying hardware (including stainless steel if preferred)

Proprietary materials also available; included are ceramics and coatings (ie. Sleeves, Lantern rings and restrictors)
Engineers available to work with you on customizing all parts you would like to change or prolong wear life (ie. Pump parts, chutes, elbows, piping, wear plate, liners, etc)
  • Gland packing in PTFE, Kevlar and proprietary materials
  • Shims available in standard plastic, fiberglass and rubbers

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