Mining Services
Mining Services
While the importance of oil analysis in reliability programs is becoming increasingly understood, the challenge of how to fully reap the benefits of oil analysis is still lacking in most of industry today.

Nkwe Mining Services' Oil Analysis Program Benchmark Assessment allows for an independent third party review of your oil analysis program. There are eleven primary categories within an oil analysis program:
  1. Equipment Selection
  2. Sampling Location
  3. Sampling Procedure
  4. Sampling Frequency
  5. Sampling Hardware
  6. Test Slate
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Laboratory Selection
  9. Training/Certification
  10. Program Management
  11. Corrective Action Approach
Using Nkwe Mining Services' in-house NKW10/10 scorecard, a solid understanding of a plants current challenges and successes can quickly be determined. By reviewing and scoring each of these categories against best practice standards, Nkwe Mining Services can provide a road map for overall program improvement.

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