Mining Services
Mining Services
Nkwe Mining Services offers a comprehensive service to all businesses that use both lubricants and diesel fuel. We have custom built filtration carts to specialise in filtering large volumes of lubricants/fuels in storage tanks. Storage tanks accumulate dirt particles; rust, bacterial growth and water over periods of time. The product cleanliness level exceeds ISO/SANS acceptable levels and compromises the OEM's guarantees. Subsequently, you experience premature equipment failures, high maintenance costs.

Nkwe Mining Services can remove this contamination and also add additional filtration to existing piped systems.

This service is of particular interest to sites with bulk storage tanks e.g. Mines, Hauliers, Quarries, cement companies, and all other sites that rely on standby Generator support during mains power electrical maintenance and power failures. Nkwe Mining Services initially visits the site and evaluates the oil/fuel condition and will advise on any remedial work that is required.

On Site System Filtration

If your machinery has suffered a component failure, for example, a ram break up, valve block failure, water ingress or any other contamination, this service is essential to get the machinery oil/fuel ISO level back to normal.

Off Line Filtration Unit

On-Site installations of single and multiple units. Nkwe Mining Services will sample and/or test your system for contamination, and install the correct filtration unit for your application. Units are available for all types of plant and machinery in all industries and are suitable for hydraulic, engine, transmissions, diesel, gearboxes and many other applications. Boxed kits are available for self installation if required.
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