Mining Services
Mining Services
Nkwe Mining Services experts have participated in failure investigations for numerous industries. The failure investigation services focus on solving a specific problem using Root Cause Failure Analysis, rather than simply identifying the obvious and secondary issues. Our goal is to quickly identify the root cause of the failure and provide recommendations to keep similar failures from occurring in the future.

Fields of Specialization

Our team has decades of cumulative experience in lubricant physical and chemical analysis, tribology, lubricant application and selection and contaminant exclusion for a wide range of applications. Below is an example list of our areas of specialty.
  1. Analytical Spectroscopy
  2. Chemical Analysis
  3. Condition-based Maintenance
  4. Diesel and Gasoline Engine Systems and Lubricants
  5. Ferrography
  6. Filtration and Separation
  7. Gear Systems
  8. Grease and Oil Analysis
  9. Hydraulic Equipment
  10. Journal Bearings
  11. Natural Gas Engines
  12. Particle and Wear Debris Analysis
  13. Reciprocating and Rotary Screw Compressor Systems
  14. Rolling Element Bearings
  15. Steam and Gas Turbine Systems
  16. Tribology
Typical Failure Investigation Procedure

The failure investigation procedure will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the failure, however a typical procedure includes:
  1. Reviewing preliminary data
  2. Site visit and inspection
  3. Testing and lab studies as needed
  4. Reporting findings and recommendations
Laboratory Studies

Oil analysis is an extremely useful technique for routinely monitoring machine health, but often the analysis techniques and results are misunderstood and misapplied. When routine oil analysis reports indicate caution or critical limits, personnel often fail to follow through with the necessary exception tests. As a result, important information is ignored until it is too late.
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