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Mining Services

Nkwe Mining Services is an appointed agent for Easylube®; battery operated bearing lubricators, software and alert system. Easylube® has been developed to enhance bearing life expectancy, by precisely calculating and administering the correct dosage of lubricant needed to run a bearing at its optimum level. Lubricators can be placed in multiple points, whilst being monitored for maintenance via the Easylube Patrol Management Kit.

The 150ml and 250ml RFID lubricators are especially designed for MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) formulation, the process of dispensing the minimal amount of grease needed to run a particular bearing. All Easylube® lubricators are also designed to stop functioning and depressurise in the occurrence of blockages and abnormal pressure. This feature will protect all machinery from grease pressure build up, which normally results in dislodging of bearings and grease in electric motor coils that ultimately creates: Health and safety issues and equipment malfunction.

The RFID Lubricators have a built in RFID tag, that identifies the lubrication point via the Patrol Management Software, this enables the maintenance team to maintain a formatted inspection plan for all lubricators, to ensure that all machinery is being maintained efficiently.

Features & Benefits

Patented infrared control system
Built in RFID Tag (RFID models only)
LED warning light (bio coloured on Elite and RFID models)
Grease time setting (1-12 months)
Waterproof covering for outside use
Electromechanical gear set
Can be used with Easylube patrol Management kit and Easylube RFID tags
Operating temperatures from - 20 to 60oC (Direct mounting) and up to 100oC remote mounting
Self-adjustable output pressure balance within pipeline
Pressure blockage release system

Technical Data

UL Approved in Hazardous Location
Class 1 Division 2 Group B,C,D Class II
Division 2 Group F,G
Material Outlet
1/2" PT (M)
Dispense Period Setting
Adjustable; 1-12 months - With Patented Pre-Warning System and an indicator LED
Operating Temperature Range
-20 to 60oC
Operating Pressure Range
75-150psi (5-10bar)
Self-Adjustable output pressure balance within pipeline
Dimensions (Stature x Diameter)
19 x 10.25cm
Electrical Rating
Replaceable lithium battery pack
P-613B 6 Volt CR-P2
Replaceable Grease Cartridge
2218 Versatility - 1200 Ultimate
8318 FDA Grade
CE Certificate
EC Council Directive 2004/180ec
TUV Registration No. AE 501695430 001

Easylube® Patrol Management Software

Two unique pieces of software combined into one disk.

MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) Calculation Formula: cutting edge software that calculates the specific greasing requirements needed for a single bearing based on over six major factors: temperature, contamination, moisture, vibration, position and bearing design. EPMS calculates the precise dosage required. Simply type in the bearing details and the calculator will give you the precise measurement of grease required. Guardwatch Software contains two functions, "Data Registration" and "Identification". The software that is downloaded to the PDA is used for data collection from the RFID lubricator or RFID tags. It enables uploading of data registration, and downloading of the up-to-date data to a PDA before routine inspection. It provides bearing identification, and will alert the main user if a lubricator has not been inspected.

Customer Benefits
  • Calculates MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) to enhance lubrication efficiency.
  • Collects data from the ELRFID or RFID tags and calculates abnormalities to further reduce bearing failure.
  • Comes complete with 2 x Smartlock USB sticks to protect software from prohibited use.
  • Includes an ELRWD145B-EL RFID reader for use with PDA's that do not include a reader.
  • Alerts the main user if a lubricator has not been registered on routine inspection.
  • Easylube® provide Updates via the website for all software
NB: Nkwe Mining Services Staff are fully trained to help with all product related queries...

Handheld Industrial PDA

The rugged design of the PA600 HF won't let you down. Thanks to its IP64 rating, the PA600 HF is resistant to dust and moisture. Its robust build is able to withstand multiple 4ft drops to concrete without risk of damage. This minimises device downtime, reduces repair costs and delivers a much lower Total Cost of Ownership. This is the first choice PDA for the Easylube® Patrol Management software. Includes: PDA (CPU: 624Mhz, ROM: 576MB, RAM: 128MB OS: Mobile 6.1, and 3.5"touch screen), RFID reader ISO 14443A, rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V 3300mAh, USB connection/charge cable.
  • Supports three ISO standards in one device: ISO15693, ISO14443A, ISO14443B
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system
  • Integrated HF RFID Reader, keypad and touch screen
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WLAN as standard
  • IP64 rated for industrial use
  • SDIO expansion slot
  • Full range of accessories and chargers
  • Supports Oracle Database Lite, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 and Wavelink Avalanche
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